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Gone are the days when people used to replace their UPVC doors and windows every time they want to change their colours. Painting them has become very common nowadays. Homeowners widely prefer the latter as UPVC spray painting is more affordable than installing new doors and windows. Choose a reputable company like Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying to get a no-obligation quote on spray painting. They use the highest quality products to ensure a perfect finish within the minimum time. You can make the most of the service if you know more about it.

How To Prepare Your Doors And Windows?

Though spray painting your UPVC doors and windows looks quite easy, it is actually not so. To ensure a successful painting, you have to first prepare them. Clean them properly to get rid of the loose dirt, muck, and grime accumulated over the years. Some experts even rub the surface slightly as it helps in making the adhesive stronger. To make the plastic frames ready for painting and eliminate the extra dust, they use a suitable chemical solution. After spraying the doors and windows, they re-seal them by giving a more polished finish. 

What Do You Mean by Masking Off?

Masking off protects the glass, walls, brickwork and floors from overspray. Reputable companies use high-quality masking paper as they are specially designed for auto body painting and building painting. Cover all the areas with masking paper you want to protect from paint spatter in an accidental paint overspray. These masking papers have very few pores which provide the area excellent protection. The paint sticks with the paper and prevents them from passing through. You can even use them to cover complex patterns as they are very strong and durable.

Why Should You Hire Professionals For Spray Painting?

Always hire specialists for UPVC Spray Painting in East Sussex, as it is an art that one learns over time. One needs a lot of practice to excel in it. One can die if they accidentally inject themselves with paint. It is one of the primary reasons why trying a DIY when painting your doors and windows is not advisable. If you want to prevent any harm, damage or mistake, choose a professional company offering the service. Get in touch with a few, and they will provide you with quotes for residential or commercial spray painting. They know the right technique to use a spray gun and spray painter.


Since UPVC spray painting is more challenging than you think, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying. You can save money on maintenance and repainting when you hire them for spraying services.