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Is Spray Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets Worth the Money?Kitchen Spraying

Is Spray Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets Worth the Money

A kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in the house. It is a vital area that you use daily. So, it is important to keep it well decorated and organised. To keep the kitchen essentials and cooking ware in a proper place, many homeowners install kitchen cabinets.

The Importance of Kitchen Cabinets:

The cabinets are regarded as one of the most useful installations in a kitchen. However, after using them daily for several years, there may be a point where you may find their colour getting dull. This is a warning sign, ignoring which may cost the visual aesthetics of the kitchen space. To retain the original look, you can try kitchen spraying.

Why Respray Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Respraying is a cost-effective method of improving your kitchen aesthetics. Though it is used primarily on repainting doors, you can hire a respraying expert to colour the kitchen cabinets too. A few important points about respraying the cabinets are discussed in detail below.

  • Minimal Downtime:

    Unlike other painting techniques, respraying consumes much less time. It takes a few days to complete, after which you can use the kitchen as needed. It is definitely a better option than replacing the whole kitchen installation as well. As a result, you will face minimal disruption in your normal cooking routine.

  • Stylised Finish:

    The factor of colour customisation is a major factor that keeps kitchen respraying way ahead of replacing or painting. A large number of property owners believe that painting cannot achieve the stylish finish and quality of kitchen respray. The professionals use solvent-based paint, which is effective in providing a quality finish that will last for a longer period.

  • Complete Transformation:

    Spray painting the cupboards effectively transforms your kitchen aesthetics without replacing any of the existing features. It allows you to keep the existing fixtures, only changing their colour and feel. You can represent your personal taste and modern style with a single spray paint session.

  • Easy Maintenance:

    Once the kitchen cupboard spraying is finished, it is important to maintain it properly. This helps in prolonging the finish and keeping their look as new. You must wipe up any spills, use a mild cleaner and keep them free from dust accumulation.

These are a few reasons spray painting is one of the useful methods for decorating kitchen cabinets. If you want proper assistance in kitchen spray painting, collaborate with Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying. For more information, you can visit our website today.
Few Kitchen Spraying Ideas that Can Transform the SpaceKitchen Spraying

Few Kitchen Spraying Ideas that Can Transform the Space

The kitchen is one of the important parts of a home. The space involves a lot of memories, from cooking delicious items to socialising with families and friends. If you think the kitchen space has lost its old charm, it’s time to get a much-needed makeover.

Why Try Kitchen Spraying?

If you want to transform the overall mood and vibe of the kitchen, you can try repainting it. However, you may try kitchen spraying rather than the traditional painting method. It is an effective way to upgrade the colour and reform the pristine appearance of the kitchen. Performing this task with a professional can help you get a creative, fresh view.

Effective Kitchen Spraying Designs You Can Try:

By trying a few effective kitchen respraying techniques, you can transform the look of your kitchen. Some are discussed in detail in the following part of the blog.

  • Minimalist White:

    This is the ultimate choice for homeowners when it’s time to change the overall feel of a space. White is the most prudent colour option for a vital space like a kitchen. It will be able to conceal the darker stains of the wooden installations in the kitchen. The colour can create a clean and modern-looking design and a smooth finish. This helps eliminate your worry about cleaning the installations inside the kitchen.

  • Add a Splash of Colour:

    There is a prevalent misconception about colours among homeowners. Most tend to stay in their known territory of grey, white, beige and black. Though the shades make the property look classier, they are basic in nature that do not incorporate any colour. Contact your painting contractor if you want to spray paint your kitchen with some unconventional shade.

  • Try a Rustic Colour Scheme:

    If you are among those not excited about the prospect of minimalistic design, follow this design tip. Go for a shade that is rustic and traditional at the same time. Look for respraying the rustic shades on the kitchen cabinets and other accessories. Shades like pastel green, olive green, beige and grey are perfect for incorporating a rustic look in the kitchen.


These are a few designs and techniques that you can try while respraying your kitchen. For proper implementation, it is important to collaborate with a well-known source. Consult someone like Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying. We are well known for transforming the looks of properties with kitchen spraying. To learn more about us, you can visit our website.

Kitchen SprayingKitchen Spraying

Top Seven Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Respraying

Are you looking to transform your kitchen looking but don’t have a sufficient budget? A kitchen respray can help. It can surely surprise you how it transforms a dull space into a vibrant one. You must ensure hiring a professional expert for kitchen door resprays. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about kitchen spraying.

Kitchen Respraying FAQs

Can spray paint be applied to my kitchen cabinets?

Every kitchen has a different size and complexity. Kitchen respray is well-suited if your kitchen, layout and storage cabinets still work for you. It can definitely give an excellent result.

Is kitchen respraying expensive?

Most people prefer spray painting for its cost-effectiveness. Particularly when compared to the cost of replacing your entire kitchen, it isn’t going to rip your pockets certainly. So, this method will eventually save you money.

Will it make me feel like an old kitchen with different colours?

This actually depends on an individual’s perception. Yes, it will remain your original kitchen, but the choice of colours makes a big difference. You can add some small appliances of vibrant colours like a toaster, kettle etc.

How long does spray paint last?

One of the biggest concerns when choosing kitchen resprays is their durability. The lifespan of this painting depends on how well you have prepared the substrate underneath. The better the preparation, the longer the colour will last. Let us clear that just like any other surface of the house, it will also have scratches and marks if you use force. And that’s normal.

Is spray painting in the kitchen harmful to health?

The paint isn’t harmful to your health, but the vapours and fumes are if you remain in an area with no proper ventilation for a longer period. Simply put, inhaling the fumes for too long must be avoided. Working with professionals will ensure the highest standards of safety.


Is kitchen respraying a time-consuming process?

The estimated time to complete kitchen respray depends upon its size. If you hire an expert for this task, it can take three to ten days to carry out the work.

Can I use my appliances at any time during the kitchen spraying work?

We generally leave some important kitchen parts like the hob, sink, oven etc. This allows you to do some necessary food preparation.

Restyle Custom uPVC & Kitchen Spraying offer high-quality kitchen door respray. Contact us for more information.

Kitchen SprayingKitchen Spraying

Vital Things to Note While Choosing A Kitchen Spraying Professional

No matter the type of property you want to modify, you can always try to paint it new. It gives a fresh new look to the property and enhances its aesthetic and monetary value. For quality and highly effective painting assistance, you can try modern painting methods, such as spray painting.

Why Collaborate with an Expert?

Taking help from professionals to apply spray paint to your property can be highly beneficial. It is extremely cost-effective, very durable, and can keep your property like new for ages. However, before implementing the spray colours on your property, you must collaborate with a professional painter.

How to Find the Right Person for Kitchen Spraying?

Below, you can find some qualities that you must look for in a professional for your kitchen spraying needs.

  • Check their Credentials: When you search for a spray paint professional, you might come across people claiming to be professionals. However, as the property owner, you must be proactive in checking whether they live up to their claims. Look for their certifications, and ask them about their industrial experience in this field. It will be good if they have worked with some clients in the past.
  • Look for their Reviews: It is perhaps the perfect way to judge the credibility of a kitchen spray painter. This task has become much easier currently as you can readily check their reviews online. You can also communicate with their past clients if you get their names as references from your peers or kin. You must also ensure that the company or individual is licensed so that you can avoid costly issues in the future.
  • Get an Idea About their Safety Equipment: A professional kitchen sprayer always uses top-grade safety equipment. This enables them to paint a property with minimal risks of damage or physical harm. Check if your spray paint contractor is aware of using safety gear during the paint job. They should use protective kits, masks, and safety goggles. These are important to ensure personal safety during spray painting.


When you check all these factors, you can be assured of getting assistance from the best people in the business. To try kitchen spraying at your property, you should consult with a trusted name like Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying. We are a reliable business who have the necessary experience in painting kitchen, doors and windows, and other vital parts of properties. You can count on our professional experience and positive industrial reputation. Contact us today to get a free quote.

kitchen respray sussex surrey kentKitchen Spraying

Replacement or Kitchen Spraying – Which is a Great Alternative?

Do you want a new kitchen? Do you need help cooking on the old and broken kitchen countertops? A clean and organised kitchen must bring out the best culinary skills. However, replacing or remodelling a kitchen is a costly process. It will surely make a hole in your pocket. However, for smart people, there’s a more affordable alternative. You can opt for kitchen spraying instead of remodelling or replacing it. 

If you’re in a dilemma, this blog will help you understand why you should opt for kitchen spraying instead of kitchen replacement. Read on and learn more about the kitchen spraying process. 

Four reasons why kitchen spraying is better than kitchen replacement

More affordable option 

Replacing the entire kitchen or a part of the kitchen is costly. It would be best if you replaced the cabinets, drawers, doors and countertops. It will cost you a fortune. Instead of replacing, repaint the doors, cabinets and countertops. This is cost-effective and lends a completely new look to the kitchen interiors. However, there’s a condition. You can opt for kitchen spraying only when the cabinets and doors are not broken. 

Quicker option 

A non-functional kitchen makes it difficult for the inhabitants to live inside the house. A kitchen replacement process is costly and also lengthy. Hence, it is better that you opt for the spraying option. This takes hours or a day to complete, and your kitchen is back to square one. 

Limitless colour options 

Opting for kitchen spraying options makes it easier for you to match the colour of the cabinets, doors and countertops with the colour of the kitchen’s walls and ceiling. Replacing will give you limited options. Hence opting for kitchen spraying is the best option if you want a colour-coordinated view of the kitchen and make it look beautiful. 

Less messy 

Suppose you restyle or replace the different parts of the kitchen, then the builders will be required to break down the structure and make the changes accordingly. When it comes to breaking the parts, there will be dust all around, making the palace dirty. You will only be able to use the kitchen temporarily. Hence, it’s better that you opt for a less messy option. Kitchen spraying is a mess-free process, allowing you to use the kitchen. 

Approach Restyle Custom uPVC & Kitchen Spraying for the best kitchen spraying services. We have a team of experts who provide the best kitchen spraying services. To know more, read on.