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The doors, windows and conservatories having UPVC features make the house exterior look bright and fresh. However, since as they are exposed to factors like dust, pollution and UV rays daily, the colours fade and wear off. You can give your property a new lease of life with UPVC spraying. First impressions count, and you can keep this trend alive by consulting the company for UPVC Spray Painting East Grinstead.   

High-quality UPVC sprays aim to rejuvenate, restore and transform the old property by improving overall appearance. The sprays also guarantee a modern, durable and sustainable finish.  

Method of Spray Painting UPVC  

Step 1 – You have to clear all areas of obstruction and contamination 

Step 2 – Wipe the UPVC doors and windows clean to remove dust and debris 

Step 3 – Remove any trace of grime  

Step 4: Carefully remove hardened contaminants like wall paint, cement and glue. 

Step 5 – Mask the surrounding areas where you will not put the sprays 

Step 6 – Lightly scotch the areas to check if they are clean and smooth  

Step 7 – Spray paint with two coats minimum, depending on the use of colour and total coverage 

Step 8- Let it dry completely and do not touch   

 Advantages of UPVC Spray Painting 

Money-saving – The option of UPVC spray is highly cost-efficient when compared to installing new ones. They are 75% more effective than the replacement cost spent in installing new home doors and windows. Besides, it comes with minimal disruption and no need for building work. 

Long Lasting Features – Another notable benefit of UPVC spray painting is that it provides sustainability. It extends the lifespan of the UPVC doors and windows and the conservatory too. The material is mostly weatherproof, which provides protection against torrential rain.   

After proper application, the covering can provide complete protection to the windows and doors for ten years. It can withstand different climatic conditions.  

New Look – The painting coverage provided by the UPVC sprays is impervious to UPVC corruption. IT can dynamically change the building outlook. The colour stays longer than expected. Being resistant to UV degradation, the colours stay vibrant and retain their freshness.  

Colour options – There are unending varieties of UPVC spray paints available in the market today. You will have the freedom to pick and choose any colour of your liking in a minimal fraction of the amount. The UPVC spray paints also ensure good quality.


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