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Affordable Kitchen Spraying Services in Sussex, Surrey & Kent

Want to restyle your home with cost-effective kitchen spraying services? Get in touch with the experts at Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying. We have carved a niche in the industry by offering kitchen spraying at affordable prices. You can change the existing look and feel of your old kitchen and get a brand-new look. We offer a wide range of spray painting services so you can choose one according to your needs and budget. Visit us for kitchen spraying in Sussex, Surrey & Kent if you want to give your old and tired-looking kitchen an elegant and new appearance.

Kitchen Spraying

Give Your Kitchen A New Look

Your kitchen withstands a lot of wear and tear every day. From oil marks on walls to marks of sauces on the doors of cabinets – there can be many stains and patches that can reduce the glow and shine of your kitchen. Moreover, regular wear and tear will make the space look dull and damaged. Replacing the kitchen is a costly venture, and it demands time and effort too.

A more cost-effective option is to hire our experts for kitchen spraying or kitchen door respray services. You can change the look of your old kitchen with the help of our innovative spraying solutions. Our experts will use top quality spray paint to give your kitchen the desired look with all the shine and glow you imagine so you can have complete peace of mind.

Get Versatile Kitchen Spraying Services

We take much price in stating that every type of kitchen spraying service offered by us is quite versatile. Irrespective of your kitchen size or style, we have the right spraying solution for you. Our spray paint is also available for your kitchen worktops and furniture. That means you can obtain a brand new appearance for the entire kitchen area and its accessories within your budget. Our experts will ensure that the task is finished within the shortest possible time so that you do not need to wait long to get back to the kitchen for your daily use. Enhancing the appeal and value of your kitchen is a must do task and with our spraying experts by your side you can assured of the results you desire.

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Kitchen Spraying – What’s The Process?

At Restyle Custom we pride ourselves on offering an efficient and friendly kitchen paint spraying service, providing and applying the very best quality paint finish to your kitchen.

Below is the simple process used by our Kitchen Spraying specialists for spray painting your kitchen units.

1 – Masking

At first we get to work on giving the kitchen area a thorough clean ahead of masking the surroundings of your kitchen to protect it against the paint. This is necessary to make sure that the only areas that are painted are the kitchen units themselves.

2 – Preparation

Once we have completed masking the area its now time to degrease and further clean the surfaces using a British standard thinner on a solvent wipe. Once this is complete our team will sand down all surfaces to be painted which will result in a smooth, clean finish once the spray painting is complete. It’s now time to remove all the kitchen unit doors and drawers that are due to be painted before loading them up safely and securely into our company vehicles ahead of taking them back to our workshop to proceed with the painting.

3 – Application

The last part of the Kitchen Spray Painting process is application. Our team will apply the specialist coatings to the kitchen units that have been left in place on site before completing the doors and drawers in our specialist spray booth at our workshop. Once the spray painting is complete we will return to your house or place of business to refit all doors and drawers ahead of a thorough check & clean up before departing the property leaving you to enjoy your new look kitchen.

As a guide, for an average sized kitchen, the respray process generally takes around 5-7 days, from start to finish.

Ready To Book Our Kitchen Spraying?

If you wish to improve the value of your property in Sussex, Surrey & Kent, you should consider kitchen spraying. We will help you get a brand new kitchen style without exceeding your home renovation budget. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your kitchen spraying requirements and we will customise our services accordingly.

Here are the 7 Most Popular FAQs about Kitchen Spraying We Are Often Asked:

Yes. Restyle Custom UPVC is the specialist in UPVC kitchen spraying but can spray all types of kitchens with different materials.

Yes, this will not be an issue. Even if the rest of your house has traditional brush painting, we can use kitchen spraying.

For spray painting, most of our customers prefer to have a combination of minimalist and monochrome greys and whites. They often add contemporary greens, blues and neutrals shades to grey and white to create a focal point for their room.

Yes, you can always choose two different hues to spray paint your kitchen.

Yes, we use kitchen spraying to cover gloss. We also guarantee a perfect finish.

Yes, we offer kitchen spraying for the worktop and the kitchen furniture.

Though it completely depends on the size of your kitchen, the experts of Restyle Custom UPVC generally take 5-7 days to finish the job.