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Top Seven Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Respraying

Are you looking to transform your kitchen looking but don’t have a sufficient budget? A kitchen respray can help. It can surely surprise you how it transforms a dull space into a vibrant one. You must ensure hiring a professional expert for kitchen door resprays. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about kitchen spraying.

Kitchen Respraying FAQs

Can spray paint be applied to my kitchen cabinets?

Every kitchen has a different size and complexity. Kitchen respray is well-suited if your kitchen, layout and storage cabinets still work for you. It can definitely give an excellent result.

Is kitchen respraying expensive?

Most people prefer spray painting for its cost-effectiveness. Particularly when compared to the cost of replacing your entire kitchen, it isn’t going to rip your pockets certainly. So, this method will eventually save you money.

Will it make me feel like an old kitchen with different colours?

This actually depends on an individual’s perception. Yes, it will remain your original kitchen, but the choice of colours makes a big difference. You can add some small appliances of vibrant colours like a toaster, kettle etc.

How long does spray paint last?

One of the biggest concerns when choosing kitchen resprays is their durability. The lifespan of this painting depends on how well you have prepared the substrate underneath. The better the preparation, the longer the colour will last. Let us clear that just like any other surface of the house, it will also have scratches and marks if you use force. And that’s normal.

Is spray painting in the kitchen harmful to health?

The paint isn’t harmful to your health, but the vapours and fumes are if you remain in an area with no proper ventilation for a longer period. Simply put, inhaling the fumes for too long must be avoided. Working with professionals will ensure the highest standards of safety.


Is kitchen respraying a time-consuming process?

The estimated time to complete kitchen respray depends upon its size. If you hire an expert for this task, it can take three to ten days to carry out the work.

Can I use my appliances at any time during the kitchen spraying work?

We generally leave some important kitchen parts like the hob, sink, oven etc. This allows you to do some necessary food preparation.

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