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UPVC Window Spray Painting

Are your UPVC windows looking tired, worn, and weary? If so, spray painting could be your solution.

Restyle Custom’s UPVC Window Spray Painting service will reinvigorate the outside of your home by restoring and rejuvenating your windows.

You have the choice of a wide range of colours to upgrade your windows’ look, including the modern and timeless style option of Anthracite Grey. Despite UPVC windows requiring little or no maintenance to keep their weatherproof qualities, years of exposure to the elements can leave them looking tired, detracting from your home’s good looks.

You might think that replacing your windows is your only way to refresh them. However, UPVC spraying is a much cheaper and straightforward solution.

Our UPVC window spray painting service is available at around 20% of what you’ll pay for replacing your windows. Also, spraying can usually be completed in a single visit and without the hassle and mess involved with removing and installing windows and frames.

Our process is straightforward, and the spray paint is touch-dry within thirty minutes of application. Before applying the paint, we give your windows a thorough cleaning with a UPVC-specific cleansing solvent. This solution removes all the grease and grime that has accumulated on your windows over the years.

The next preparation stage is applying masking to your glass and walls to ensure protection from paint spray. Once we’ve completed all the preparations, we apply the first of two coats of spray paint. Following the second coat of paint, having allowed a 30-minute drying period, we conduct a final inspection of the work. Finally, we do a tidy-up before leaving you with a completely rejuvenated and fresh-looking set of UPVC windows.


Benefits of Spray Painting Your UPVC Windows

Apart from leaving your Sussex , Surrey or Kent property with a set of beautiful, refreshed, and rejuvenated UPVC windows, there are certain tangible benefits of spray-painting your UPVC windows. These benefits are significant and include the following:

  • Cost-saving
  • Personalised windows
  • Increased lifespan
  • Speedy process
  • No installation
  • 10-Year guarantee

Restyle Custom – UPVC Window Spray Painting Service

Restyle Custom is a specialist in UPVC window spray painting. We are the most skilled and experienced companies that provide UPVC window spraying, and we can refresh and rejuvenate your windows regardless of their size, number, or condition.

We’ve provided our service to many of satisfied customers, delivering flawless results every time. We’d be delighted for your home or place of work to be another one that has enjoyed a UPVC window makeover, transforming and personalising its appearance. You can choose from matte, satin, or gloss paint finishes to suit your taste.  Our work is of the highest quality, and we back this up with a 10-year guarantee. Therefore, you have no concerns about your newly painted UPVC windows fading, cracking, or peeling.