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UPVC Windows SprayingUPVC Spraying

Top 4 Reasons You Should Spray Paint Your UPVC Windows

When renovating your residential space, you must not overlook the scope to upgrade the paint colour of your doors & windows. This is a very common mistake that most homeowners end up making. Most people opt to replace their windows, which turns out to be very expensive. For a faster and cheaper alternative, it’s best to opt for UPVC windows spraying service. With a wide range of colour options to choose from, you can achieve the house look that you have always desired. Beyond that, there are a few other potential reasons to hire such services. Scroll down and take a look at them.

Why Do You Need UPVC Windows Spraying?


For many of us, installing windows is an investment. We want them to serve us as long as possible, which is one of the main reasons many people prefer hiring UPVC window spray painting services. The spray paint used in UPVC windows is very much durable. Choosing one of the renowned spray painting services will allow your windows to last for nearly 10 years.


A home renovation can quickly become expensive. You can lower the overall costs by hiring a UPVC spray painting service instead of replacing your windows. Moreover, with the DIY option, you need to put some effort to choose the shade you desire. This can lead to unnecessary expenses.


By hiring a quality UPVC spray painting service for your windows, you can save a lot of money. The best service professionals are genuine and reliable. They perform the task without disassembling them, which emits less waste and quicker turn-around times.


As said earlier that many prefer UPVC window spraying to make their home more appealing. With this service, you can choose from a range of colours. After the service, you will notice how a colour alteration can make your property more attractive. 


If you are in search of a competent and experienced UPVC window spray painting service, then look no further than Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying. Being a specialist in this field, we can best refresh and rejuvenate your windows at reasonable rates. To know more, go through our website.

UPVC Spray Painting West SussexUPVC Spraying

Interesting Facts About UPVC Spray Painting that You Should Know

Painting is one of the better ways of modifying the property’s overall look. You may come across different types of property painting services, but few are as convenient and long-lasting as UPVC spray painting.

Why Try UPVC Spray Painting?

UPVC is a simple yet effective way of making your property look great. It involves masking the surface first, after which the paint is sprayed on it. This painting technique is popular among property owners for its low cost and easy maintenance.

Unknown Facts About UPVC Spray Painting:

If you want to apply UPVC spray painting in West Sussex to enhance the looks of your property, you must know some important facts about it. These are discussed in detail in the following part of this blog.

  • Cost Saving: UPVC spray painting is one of the useful ways of saving money for property renovation. It is much more cost-effective than replacing the UPVC Installations of your home. When you spray it on the UPVC doors and windows, the paint extends its longevity. As a result, you can remain worry-free about paying for frequent property maintenance. 
  • Temperature Specific: As an innovative painting technology, the UPVC spray painting technique is sensitive to temperature. To modify the property with this paint, you must ensure that the temperature is between 12 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius. If you do not follow this, you may end up with a painted surface that warps or extends with the changes in heat.

  • UPVC is Totally Recyclable: As UPVC mimics some properties of plastic, many are of the opinion that it is non-recyclable. However, in reality, it is totally the opposite. UPVC is a material that you can recycle safely, which helps reduce waste materials from ending up in the dump yard.
  • The Utilisation of GRP: UPVC spray paints are technically utilised by GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic. It is an important material that makes the painted surface much more durable. You can spray it on your UPVC doors and windows for a better effect.


These are some important facts about UPVC Spray painting that you need to remember. To get your home painted by a trusted team of painters, get in touch with Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying. We have a positive reputation as a leading source for UPVC Spray painting in West Sussex. Our company has worked with several clients over the years. For more information, you can visit our website.

upvc door sprayUPVC Spraying

Explore These Benefits of UPVC Spray Painting during Home Renovation

The idea of painting a house has changed significantly with the passing course of time. Nowadays, people not only use paint to make the walls look gorgeous and attractive. There are paints that can keep your interior walls free from humidity and pests. These paints can also work as a protective layer for the surface to ensure its longevity and efficiency. Hence, choosing the correct type of paint is important to ensure the best result.

UPVC spray painting has become a trusted option for homeowners who are not very happy with the idea of conventional painting. When you work with the experts for UPVC spray painting in West Sussex during a house renovation project, you can explore the top benefits of this painting technique.

Why is UPVC Spray Painting More Useful than Other Options?

  1. UPVC spray painting is a quick and efficient way to paint your UPVC windows, doors or other fixtures. It saves time and finishes the job without any hassle.
  2. The paint is applied in a fine mist, which means that there is less chance of any drips or runs. Therefore, your rooms will remain almost clean, and the after-work will be less.
  3. The paint covers the surface evenly, so there is no need for any primer or undercoat. This will save you money.
  4. The finish is extremely durable and will not fade or discolour over time. Thus, you do not need to retouch the paint frequently. Therefore, you can save money on maintenance. 
  5. UPVC spray painting is a cost-effective way to paint your UPVC windows and doors because it does not need costly maintenance and can stay intact for several years.
  6. It is a quick and easy way to update the look of your home without having to replace your windows or doors. This is the easiest way to get a fresh new look for your home in case you need to sell it fast.

Choose the Right Service

To reap all these benefits of UPVC spray painting, it is necessary to work with the experts in this industry. They have the right skill, tools and experience to undertake such jobs and carry them out perfectly.

Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying is one such company. We offer fully insured services at competitive costs. Please get in touch with our team to know more about our services.

UPVC Spray Painting East SussexUPVC Spraying

Time To Know More About UPVC Spray Painting

Gone are the days when people used to replace their UPVC doors and windows every time they want to change their colours. Painting them has become very common nowadays. Homeowners widely prefer the latter as UPVC spray painting is more affordable than installing new doors and windows. Choose a reputable company like Restyle Custom UPVC & Kitchen Spraying to get a no-obligation quote on spray painting. They use the highest quality products to ensure a perfect finish within the minimum time. You can make the most of the service if you know more about it.


kitchen-sprayingUPVC Spraying

Kitchen Spraying: An Innovative And Cost Effective Idea

Don’t replace, respray”. This is the opinion of most homeowners when it comes to kitchen re-modelling. While upgrading and installing new kitchen elements is expensive, spray painting has lasting benefits. You will be surprised how a new coat of paint can transform your kitchen interior, making it look brand new and vibrant. Consult the professional spray painters for kitchen spraying and enjoy your dream kitchen interiors with a guaranteed outcome. 


UPVC Spray Painting East SussexUPVC Spraying

Benefits of Using UPVC Spray Paints Over Conventional Painting

Whether you are a professional painter or a homeowner who loves doing his DIY work, you will prefer your work is perfect. At times, using rollers and paintbrushes does not render a smooth finish. The paint looks uneven, and the brush strokes become visible. This is where the UPVC spray paints come to your rescue. There are endless benefits of using this spray paint. You can also consult the professionals for UPVC Spray Painting in East Sussex for the top class outcome.   


benefits of upvc spray paintingUPVC Spraying

Is UPVC Spray Painting Any Good? Know About Its Benefits

The doors, windows and conservatories having UPVC features make the house exterior look bright and fresh. However, since as they are exposed to factors like dust, pollution and UV rays daily, the colours fade and wear off. You can give your property a new lease of life with UPVC spraying. First impressions count, and you can keep this trend alive by consulting the company for UPVC Spray Painting East Grinstead.