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Want to Bring Your Old Furniture Back To Life? Try Custom Restyle Furniture Spray Painting

Everyone has that one piece of furniture that they love and simply couldn’t do without. But what happens when it starts to look a bit too shabby? Before you consider replacing it with a new piece, consider giving it a brand new lease of life with a Custom Restyle spray painting. 

Your old furniture may be in perfect working order, and it could be just the cosmetics that need to be changed to bring it back to its former glory. Also, think about the emotional attachment you’ve got to that furniture; is a new piece going to replace that?

Furniture Spray Painting

Expand the life of your Furniture

At Custom Restyle, our ethos is to help you extend the life of the furniture you love by transforming it with our furniture respray service. Your old furniture will look as good as new, or even better, and you retain something you love, and that’s maybe been in your home for generations. 

Like fashion, furniture designs are continuously evolving, utilizing the latest colours and styles. Don’t think you have to fork out on the latest designs to remain up-to-date. You can achieve a remarkable transformation in your furniture with a Custom Restyle respray.

Even more, it is not just about the style and looks of your furniture. A Custom Restyle paint respray can help protect your furniture, therefore extending its life. This benefit is achieved through advancements in paint technology. 

Replacing old or unfashionable furniture can be costly. You achieve all the benefits that new furniture brings you with a Custom Restyle furniture respray. Better still, it will save you a considerable amount of money. 

We can transform any piece of your old, beloved furniture. We can also provide our service for your custom or built-in units, whether in wood or MDF. You can get an ideal colour match to fit or complement your existing room colour scheme. 

Covering areas in the South East

There is no furniture respray job that we cannot undertake. So, give us a call today to discuss your requirements. Custom Restyle is located in East Grinstead, and we cover locations all over Sussex, Surrey & Kent.

A respray will transform your furniture, bringing it back to its former glory – ready to provide you with more years of comfort. Our service will not only transform your furniture, but your whole home will look refreshed. We can spray to your requirements, matching the colour and mood you want to achieve for your room and furniture. 

Don’t restrict yourself to the furniture in your living room. We can respray bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or office furniture. When applying the paint, we’ll take the utmost care, masking-off all areas that we don’t want the paint to touch. 

Custom Restyle resprays can be applied to all sorts of materials, including glass, wood, and laminates – pretty much any surface apart from raw MDF. Our patented paint coating technique will leave your furniture looking as good as new. 

Our service covers outdoor furniture as well as the pieces in your home. We also provide a service for commercial manufacturing, painting products reaching the end of the production line. Whatever your need – indoor, outdoor, or commercial – our work comes with a ten-year guarantee against flaking, peeling, or cracking.

Contact us today for a discussion on your requirements so we can quote accordingly.